Terms for Real Time Reviews

We want reviews from real customers and patrons. You will find that you are not earning points if for example you review 5 places in an hour. Below are how points are earned for real time reviews.

•  0 points for reviewing
•  a department store, for example Target
•  a supermarket, for example Whole Foods
•  with a comment not relevant to a review
•  with a photo not relevant to a review
•  a place after hours or closed
•  a place that is out of business
•  the same place(s) most every day
•  1 point for a review with a comment
•  2 points for a review with a photo
(total of 3 points for a review with a comment and photo)
•  4 points more for a top review
(very informative comment and photo for a bar/lounge/restaurant during peak hours)

Note: Remember a real time review does not need to be a positive review to earn points or qualify as a top review. A less than positive review can earn as many points and can be as useful to other Hotspotters.

To thank as many users as possible for their real time reviews, please read the following guidelines.

•  1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize will be awarded to users from different cities
•  Points are reset for each user weekly
•  No user can win 1st prize in consecutive weeks
•  In case of a tie for any prize, the winnings are divided up amongst the winners
•  Payments are made only via PayPal
(make sure you sign in with your PayPal email address for payment)